Long Massages

Why settle for a 60 minute massage. Need a lot of work, well less pressure for a longer length of time, or just a long heavy massage can feel extraordinary. Try a two or three hour massage…. Ahh, you know you want to.

Corporate Chair Massage

We can provide Corporate Chair Massage to your office. Show your employees you care and appreciate all their hard work. One hour minimum, and charged in 30 minute increments.

Specialty Massage

Lots of experience with Sports Massage, Neuromuscular and deep tissue massage. Have worked on numerous cross-fit athletes, professional golf and tennis players. We can focus on specific areas or perform full body massages. Numerous extremely satisfied prenatal/pregnancy massage clients.

Couples Massage

Want to share a relaxing massage with someone. Call and schedule this special event. Two massage therapists working on the two of you at the same time. Great if you both need a massage but can’t afford to wait for two hours, or if you both want to relax together.


We provide service to all resorts and finer hotels within 15 miles of Mt. Pleasant. Please ensure your room has sufficient space for a large Massage Table. If you are in a gated resort, you will have to call the gate to authorize admittance.